“Great people to work with. Levin Contracting would recommend Stokes”


I highly recommend Applied Lab services, their prices are extremely fair , the people are friendly, and best of all, they are lightning fast!

The first time I did an in person drop off and they called me with the results before I had left the parking lot. I moved further away and found a local lab but decided to use them again based on my prior experience. This time I had 4 samples – they had results emailed to me for in less than 1 hour… most companies charge extra for “urgent results.”


“My husband spoke to Mr. Zimmerman regarding possible studies on a piece of property we are purchasing. He couldn’t have been more polite and helpful, and we appreciated the time he spent talking to us.”


Did my asbestos abatement refreasher training on Friday. It was exciting as always.
The instructor made it fun and interesting. I be back next year and do it again.


Applied Laboratory Services conducted asbestos testing on some samples and they had the results back in less than an hour!!! Excellent customer service and I am more than thrilled with their resilts report. Thank you!


“Extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional. Highest recommendation”


Applied Laboratory Services had two opportunities to charge me hundreds of dollars, but they didn’t. The first was when I had the sellers of my current house remove asbestos from the attic. I called Applied Labs to ask them to independently test for asbestos after the attic insulation was removed.

They told me they already had–they were hired by the sellers–when they very well could have tested it again and charged me $400+. Second, I removed some drywall and called Applied Labs to see if they could do some air samples for asbestos. Paul from Applied Labs told me that drywall doesn’t have asbestos in it; instead, I should take a chunk of the joint compound into their lab for testing. This cost me $35, instead of the $400+ he could have charged me again. Everyone at the lab was friendly, and they were very quick. I definitely recommend them; they won’t rip you off.