Stokes Environmental Associates, Ltd. (SEA), incorporated in 1990, provides consulting services on environmental issues to clients in industry, government, and the private sector.

Applied Laboratory Services (ALS) provides specializations in industrial hygiene compliance, laboratory, and training.

SEA and ALS provide you with a highly focused team for environmental and industrial hygiene tasks. SEA and ALS use an organized approach of assessment, planning, and action to achieve your project requirements. For example, SEA will assess your sites for environmental condition and provide you with actionable recommendations (e.g. Environmental Reviews, Wetland Delineations, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Indoor Environmental Quality). If permits, remediation, or mitigation are needed, we will organize this for you. Similarly, ALS will perform inspections and monitoring for asbestos and lead, all needed laboratory analysis, and training of your staff. Our combined focus saves time and cost.

Whether you require a single professional for a short period of time or a larger, interdisciplinary team for larger efforts, SEA & ALS will serve you well.


SEA & ALS provide access to highly qualified professionals in diverse disciplines in the fields of industrial hygiene and environmental consulting.

Our 20 full-time professionals have the training and experience to address the wide range of conditions that may be found during environmental investigations. Professional credentials include advanced degrees and deep experience in disciplines such as biology, engineering, geology, oceanography, risk assessment, lab management, industrial hygiene, and other technical areas.

Examples of our licenses and certifications include Registered Environmental Manager, Certified Environmental Professional, Certified Wetland Delineator, Approved on-site Soil Evaluator, Licensed Asbestos Inspectors, Licensed Project Monitors, Licensed Asbestos Management Planners, Licensed Lead Inspectors, accredited and certified laboratory, and a long list of OSHA-approved training courses.

Our professionals are active participants in professional organizations and continuing education, and hold all needed professional licenses and certifications.


Stokes Environmental Associates, Ltd. and Applied Laboratory Services, LLC serve the diverse needs of our clients, ranging from individuals to large and small businesses, institutions, and government agencies. A listing of representative clients can be seen here, showing that you are in good company when you put our services to work.


Our corporate mission is to provide the environmental services needed by our clients. This means we will have a clear understanding of your needs. We will provide timely comprehensive assessments of environmental factors and correlations to environmental and human health, in compliance with environmental regulatory requirements and good management practices, based on investigative services, environmental sampling, accurate analytical services, and interpretation of data within existing regulatory guidance. We will focus on your needs and desires from start to finish.