Conservation, Inc. is a not for profit tax exempt land trust established in August 1994 for the following purposes:

• To promote for public benefit the preservation, protection, and balanced use of natural resources, including the acquisition and holding of conservation easements and other real property interests

• To increase community use, appreciation, and understanding of the natural environment through the protection and preservation of valuable open-space land for the enjoyment, education, and benefit of present and future generations.

• To retain or protect the natural or open space values of real property; assure the availability of real property for agricultural, forestural, recreational, or open-space use; protect natural resources; and maintain or enhance air or water quality in the vicinity of such natural resources.

• To encourage innovative methods of land conservation for environmentally sound land use.

• To use all properties held or controlled by the corporation and the net earnings thereof for the benefit of the general public and for charitable, educational, recreational, conservation, scientific, and historical purposes.

• To cooperate with and assist local, state, and federal governmental agencies and bodies, as well as other nonprofit organizations in the preservation and conservation of open-space resources.

• To engage in wetland mitigation banking, including, without limitation, the creation, restoration, and/or abatement of wetlands on properties deemed suitable by the corporation and the dedication of such wetlands as mitigation in connection with filling and/or dredging of wetlands and the permits related thereto.

Conservation, Inc. has adopted the Standards and Practices established by the Land Trust Alliance.