SEA’s range of indoor environmental quality services include Proactive Indoor Air Quality Investigations, Reactive Indoor Air Quality Investigations, Third Party Consulting Services, and Microbial Investigations and Control Procedures. Additional services include inspection and assessment of mold contaminated facilities sampling, identification and characterization of biological contamination develop and review remediation plans, specifications, and protocols supervision, monitoring and clearance of remediation activities employee comfort monitoring – temperature, carbon dioxide, dilution efficiency, and air sampling.

Two types of microbiological samples are usually taken – aerosol and bulk. Aerosol samples are taken using either a 7- or 4-Plate protocol (plates are sample media that are coated with a type of agar media designed to enhance either fungal or bacterial growth under certain conditions), while bulk samples can be any of three types: water, solids (carpet, wallboard, insulation, etc.), or surface swabs (wipe).

Quality Indoor Environments means:

• Being free from building related illness discomfort
• Promotes well being
• Provides for non-hazardous conditions
• Maintains thermal comfort
• Pleasant air quality
• Ambient illumination and acoustics are satisfying
• Supports social needs and aids productivity
• Distinguished aesthetic qualities
• When Indoor Environmental Testing is Required, we
• Determine the most appropriate test
• Define the sampling strategy
• Collect and analyze the data correctly
• Prepare a final written report in a clear, concise, and court defensible format